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Full Sails with normal wind

Using “Full Sails” is a way to speed up a ship when it is activated.
The ship under Full Sails gains +3 Movement Points (MPs).

Only ships with intact rigging (3 Masts = Rigging Condition 11-15) are allowed to perform Full Sails.

Due to the difficulties of rigging these extra sails, one must pay for each ship to gain this benefit.

  • A Single Ship must discard two MC to perform “Full Sails”
  • A Frigate, which is also a Single Ship, must discard only one MC to perform “Full Sails”
  • A Ship that is part of a Squadron can only perform “Full Sails”, if it uses the Captain’s Order “Full Sails”, which normally costs 2 Command Points (CP).

If activated, the ship under “Full Sails” must first roll two dice (2D6). (Frigates gain +2 on the dice value)
The result is then checked in the Full Sails Table.
The result can cause additional modifications to the number of Movement Points: +/- 1 or 2 MP

The overall number of Movement Points for a ship using “Full Sails” is thus calculated as follows:

    6 MP for a Ship-of-the-Line   or   7 MP for a Frigate
  +3 MP for Full Sails
  +/- 1, 2 MP depending on the result of the rolled dice.

So we have a range of 7 MP – 11 MP for Ships-of-the-Line and 8 MP – 12 MP for Frigates.

These Movement Points MUST be used and can not be reduced, even if this results in a potential collision.

Full Sails with strong wind

There are some scenarios with strong wind.
For these, a ship under “Full Sails” gains +4 MP and is also faster by default.

So we have:

    9 MP for a Ship-of-the-Line   or   10 MP for a Frigate
 +4 MP for Full Sails
 +/- 1, 2 MP depending on the result of the rolled dice

That is a range of 11 MP – 15 MP and 12 MP – 16 MP for Frigates

Rolling the dice is also modified with -2, if there s a strong wind.

Full Sails combined with Manoeuvre “More Sails”

A ship that performs “Full Sails” can not perform other manoeuvres such as “Bear Up” or “Bear Away” or “Backing Sails”.
Typically the manoeuvre “More Sails” is the only manoeuvre that can be combined with “Full Sails”.

“More Sails” cost an additional Manoeuvre Card for the activated ship, on top of the previously discarded MCs required to perform “Full Sails”.
For a ship within a squadron sailing under Captain’s Order “Full Sails”, the MC “More Sails” must be played, in order to perform “More Sails”.
For a Single Ship either the MC “More Sails” or a “Special Manoeuvre” must be played (“Special Manoeuvre”is played as a wildcard).

“More Sails” gains, as always, 1 to 3 additional MPs which are added to the previously determined MPs.

These 3 MPs are not obligatory like the one gained by “Full Sails”. They can be added as desired by the player. This way “More Sails” provides the capability to adjust the speed.

A ship under Full Sails, combined with More Sails therefore has 7 MP – 14 MP and 8 MP – 15 MP for a Frigate with normal wind conditions.

Admiral’s Order “Prepare for Full Sails”

For ships within a squadron, the Admiral’s Order “Prepare for Full Sails” can be given.
Ships under Captain’s Order “Full Sails” now gain additional benefits.

  • The Captain’s Order “Full Sails” is cheaper. It costs only 1 Command Point (CP)
  • When the dice (2D6) to perform “Full Sails” are rolled, 1 is added to the resulting value.
  • One “Leeway” or “Windward” Manoevre Card can be played to adjust the direction of the activated ship.

Restrictions to ships under “Full Sails”

As already mentioned, a ship performing “Full Sails” can only use the manoeuvre “More Sails” in addition to "Full Sails".
Within a squadron and under Admiral’s Order “Prepare for Full Sails”, also one “Leeway” / “Windward” manoeuvre can be used.
No other manoeuvres are allowed.

Most “Special Manoeuvres” are not allowed. Only “Chase Guns” can be fired, by playing a “Special Manoeuvre” Card.

Also the effectiveness of a broadside is reduced. Only one die is used when firing a broadside. Rake bonus, Chain Shot bonus and any national bonuses are ignored.

Damage due to “Full Sails”

When rolling the dice to determine the result of “Full Sails”, not only the number of MPs can be affected, but also the Rigging may be damaged.
In this case reduce the Rigging Condition by 1 or 2 depending on the result in the Full Sails Table.

If, due to this damage, a mast must be removed, “Full Sails” can not be performed.
In this case a ship within a squadron must perform the Captain’s Order “At the Ready” instead of the Captain’s Order “Full Sails”.

For a Single Ship this simply means that it can’t perform “Full Sails”. The two discarded MCs (or one discarded MC for a Frigate) are lost.



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